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Best bike seat for big bum. Is a bigger bike seat better for a big bum? How does a bigger bike seat help a person with a big bum?

When it comes to bike seats, the fit is important. Too tight and you’ll be in pain after a short ride. Too loose, and you’re likely to fall off your bike. The right seat not only fits your body but also your bum.

However, if you’re large in the booty area, some bike seats can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Big Bums need a seat that is comfortable and supportive, whether they’re riding for exercise or commuting. If you’re looking for the best bike seat for big bums, here are 6 of our favorites.

Is there any difference between a big bum and an overweight person?

Is there any difference between a big bum and an overweight person?

There is no scientific evidence to back up the idea that there is a significant difference between big butts and overweight people when it comes to sitting on a bike seat. In fact, research suggests that those with bigger bellies are actually more likely to suffer from pain in their lower backs while cycling.

This is because cyclists’ bodies are constantly in motion and the extra weight can put added pressure on the spine. Plus, obese riders tend to have wider hips which can also cause discomfort. So, if you’re struggling with saddle sores then it might be worth considering losing some weight before hitting the lanes!

Is a bigger bike seat better for a big bum?

Is a bigger bike seat better for a big bum?

The average person’s butt is around 18 inches in circumference. For those with a particularly large backside, the seat of a bike can seem too small. Some riders have resorted to using an extra-large bicycle seat, but is this really the best solution?

A study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine looked at the effects of bike seats on riders with different body sizes. The researchers found that larger riders were not disadvantaged when using a standard bicycle seat. In fact, they actually had an advantage! Larger riders were more stable when seated and their center of gravity was closer to the ground, which made them less likely to lose balance and fall off their bikes.

How does a bigger bike seat help a person with a big bum?

A bigger bike seat can help a person with a big bum while cycling. The extra padding will distribute the weight more evenly and prevent riding fatigue. Additionally, the larger seat will create more space between the rider’s bottom and the bike frame, which will improve stability and reduce the possibility of getting rear-ended.

How to find the best bike seat for big bum?

Finding the right bike seat for a big bum can be a daunting task. There are so many different types and brands of seats available on the market, it can be hard to know which one will fit your needs. To make things easier, we’ve outlined the best way to find the perfect seat for your big butt.

  1. Start by looking at the dimensions of your butt. The seat should be large enough to comfortably accommodate your rear end without being too wide or too narrow.
  2. Next, consider the type of riding you plan on doing. If you’re just cruising around town, a simple coaster-style seat is likely fine. But if you plan on bombing hills or traveling long distances, you’ll want something with more support and padding.
  3. Consider how often you intend to use the bike seat.

What are the advantages of using a bigger bike seat for a big bum?

What are the advantages of using a bigger bike seat for a big bum?

There are many advantages to using a bigger bike seat for people with big bums. A larger seat will distribute the weight more evenly, making it easier to ride. It will also provide more comfort and stability when riding. Additionally, a bigger seat will help to reduce pressure on the hips and spine, which can lead to better posture and improved overall fitness.

A bigger bike seat can provide a little more support for larger bums and can help to reduce the strain on the lower back. Additionally, a bigger seat will allow for a little more knee room when riding, which can be especially beneficial for those who are overweight or have large thighs. Finally, a bigger seat may also give riders a slightly better-seated position when cycling, making pedaling more comfortable and increasing efficiency.

Best bike seat for big bum

This is the time to know about the best bike seat for the big bum that we have chosen for you. You can choose any of the seats that fulfill your criteria perfectly.

1. ISM Berkley Comfort Saddle (Best pick)

  • Brand: ‎ISM
  • Item Dimensions: 8.78 x 9.84 x 3.27 inches
  • Material: ‎Synthetic
  • Outer Material: Foam


  • The saddle is made of synthetic materials that makes it durable and easy to clean.
  • The saddle has cro-mo rails that make it sturdy and long lasting.
  • The saddle is heavily padded with foam to provide hours of comfort while riding.
  • The saddle is contoured to fit the shape of your body for a more comfortable ride.
  • The saddle is lightweight and easy to carry with you on your rides.


  • The seat is for big bum but for medium-big
  • The seat is only for men

The ISM Berkley Comfort Saddle is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable saddle that is also great for exercise or commuting. The synthetic outer material is durable and easy to clean, while the foam padding provides extra comfort and support. This saddle is also ideal for exercise, commuting or riding in a more upright position.

Synthetic materials: Synthetic materials are often used in bike seats because they are more durable and comfortable than leather. This is an advantage for people with large behinds because synthetic materials do not stretch or lose their shape like leather does. Synthetic materials also do not sweat as much, which means they will not smell bad and will last longer.

Cro-mo rails: ISM’s Berkley saddle is designed to provide extreme comfort for those who ride with a big bum. The saddle has Cro-Mo rails and a generous amount of padding that will make you forget you’re even sitting on a bike.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the use of cor-mo rails in bike seats. These rails provide many benefits, including increased comfort and stability. Here are some of the key advantages of using cor-mo rails in a bike seat:

-They help to improve comfort. Cor-mo rails are made from a durable material that is both supportive and cushiony. This means that they can help to increase your overall level of comfort while you are riding.

-They can add stability to your bike seat. When you use cor-mo rails, you create a firm foundation for your seat that helps to keep it in place during even the most vigorous rides. This can benefit both beginners and experienced riders alike.

-They can enhance your safety on the bike.

ISM’s Berkley Comfort Saddle is perfect for cyclists who want a comfortable saddle that doesn’t sacrifice performance. The 220mmx250mm size is designed to fit a wide range of riders, and the shape is anatomically contoured for greater comfort. Plus, the saddle has been strategically padded to provide extra cushioning where you need it most.

2. X WING Adult Wide Bike Saddle

  • Brand: ‎X WING
  • Item Dimensions: 12.09 x 14.17 x 7.7 inches
  • Material: ‎Foam
  • Outer Material: Foam


  • made with a super-soft 3.2 inches padded foam cushion that will keep you comfortable on your longest rides.
  • The saddle also has dual shock-absorbing steel spring coils that will help to reduce the amount of vibration you feel when riding.
  • This saddle is designed to be universal fit, which means it will work with most bikes.
  • The X Wing Adult Wide Bike Saddle is also built to be durable, so you can count on it to last for years.
  • Finally, this saddle is extremely affordable, making it a great value for the money.


  • The seat is too heavy

If you’re looking for a bike saddle that can accommodate your extra-big bum, look no further than the X WING Adult Wide Bike Saddle! This saddle is designed specifically for riders with larger frames, and it features a wider width and longer length to provide maximum comfort. The seat is with the dimensions of 12.09 x 14.17 x 7.7 inches, it offers plenty of space to accommodate your extra-large bum. And its Mega size construction ensures superior comfort on even the longest rides.

Material: The saddle is made from high-quality foam that will provide you with hours of comfortable riding. The outer material is also made from foam, which will keep you cool and comfortable on long rides. The wide, foam-padded seat ensures a comfortable and stable ride, while the durable construction can handle even the most strenuous rides.

Shock absorber: Dual shock-absorbing steel spring coils provide maximum durability and offer a smooth ride, no matter how rough the terrain gets. Plus, fine-tuned suspension ensures that your saddle stays in place even when you hit a bump or pothole.

High desity & breathable: High desity & breathable: The X WING Adult Wide Bike Saddle comes with super-soft 3.2 inches padded foam cushion materialized and crafted in a way to confer cooling effects. Softer than a cloud, this saddle is perfect for long rides – you’ll never want to get off your bike again!

Made from premium stuffed leather, this saddle is both water-resistant and ant slip, making it perfect for those long rides and ideal for all weather conditions. Plus, the dual breathable design ensures you stay cool and comfortable all day long. So why wait? Order your X WING Adult Wide Bike Saddle today!

Easy to install: With a simple installation process that takes just minutes, you can be out on your bike enjoying the perfect ride in no time. This saddle comes with a removable clamp, so it can be easily adjusted to fit your bike. It’s also made from durable materials that will last for years. With a simple installation process that takes just minutes, you can be out on your bike enjoying the perfect ride in no time.

3. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Seat (Amazon’s Choice)

  • Brand: ‎Cloud-9
  • Item Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.6 x 6.3 inches
  • Material: ‎Vinyl
  • Outer Material: Foam, Gel


  • The Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Seat is a cruiser saddle designed for serious comfort.
  • It has dual-density gel foam padding that cushions your sit bones and prevents pressure points.
  • The chrome coil spring suspension ensures a smooth ride.
  • The universal design installs on any standard seat post.


  • The seat can be unfit for its rails width

The Cloud-9 Bicycle seat is designed for serious comfort. It is made with a vinyl outer material and a gel pad that will cushion your ride and keep you comfortable for hours. The soft, gel-padded seat conforms to your body, while the vinyl outer material keeps you cool and dry. Whether you are commuting to work or out for a leisurely bike ride, the Cloud-9 seat will make every journey more enjoyable.

Dual density: The Cloud-9 Bicycle Seat is perfect for cyclists who want a soft, forgiving seat. Dual-density gel foam padding provides extra comfort, while the synthetic leather cover is durable and easy to clean. This breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable on long rides.

Dual density gel foam padding is an effective way to reduce the amount of pressure that is applied to the lower back and spine when sitting on a bike seat. Dual density gel foam padding provides support and cushioning, allowing for a more comfortable ride.

Additionally, the foam helps to distribute weight evenly, preventing any discomfort and shoulder aches. Gel foam padding can also help to keep the saddle in place, preventing it from moving around or sliding off of the bike.

Chrome coil suspension: Chrome coil suspension: The Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Seat is a great choice for smoothing out the bumps on your ride,whether you’re on your daily commute or out for a weekend pleasure ride. The chrome coil spring suspension helps to absorb shocks and keep you comfortable on even the roughest roads. Plus, the wide saddle provides plenty of space to sit comfortably.

Chrome coil suspension is a type of suspension system that uses coils to absorb shock. The coils are made of chrome-plated steel wire and are wrapped around a spring or gas pressure tube. This makes the system more resistant to wear and tear, which means it can last longer than other suspension systems.

Some benefits of using chrome coil suspension in a bike seat include improved handling and ride quality. Chrome coil suspension also allows for greater flexibility when adjusting the height and position of the bike seat. This makes it possible to tailor the bike seat to match your individual needs.

Universal fit: The Cloud-9 seat is designed for incredible comfort on your next ride. The universal design installs on any standard seat post, so you can be sure to have a comfortable ride every time. With its extra-thick padding and contoured shape, the Cloud-9 seat will make every mile more enjoyable.

Anatomic relief design: It has an anatomic relief design that provides extra cushioning and support, making it perfect for long rides. The seat is also lightweight and easy to install, so you can enjoy a more comfortable ride without having to compromise on convenience. The anatomic relief design makes it super comfortable, and the padding is really plush. You will always feel so good after a bike ride!

4. YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

  • Brand: ‎YLG
  • Material: ‎Pvc leather
  • Outer Material: Foam, Rubber, Gel
  • Pad Type: Waterproof Pad


  • The seat is made with premium quality, high elasticity memory foam for superior comfort.
  • The seat’s ergonomic design is anatomically correct and supports your body while you ride, reducing fatigue and pain.
  • The dual spring rubber ball suspension in the bottom ensures a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • The seat is easy to install and fits most standard bike seats.
  • The bike seat is the perfect way to make your next bike ride more comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Not an effective seat for those who have a lower back issue.

Do you hate having a sore butt after a long bike ride? Well, now there’s no need to worry! The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is specially padded with high elasticity Memory Foam Material to provide superior comfort. Plus, the Pvc leather outer material is waterproof so you can ride in any weather. And if that’s not enough, the Foam, Rubber, Gel Pad Type ensures that your seat will stay comfortable mile after mile. The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is here to make your rides more comfortable than ever.

Arch wide design:

When you’re cycling for hours on end, you need a comfortable bike seat to make the journey more enjoyable.This seat is designed with your comfort in mind, with an ergonomic design that eliminates pressure on your hips and increases the force area that increases the ass support force. You’ll be able to ride in comfort for hours thanks to this top-quality bike seat! Plus, there’s a reflective band on the back so you can stay safe while cycling in low light conditions.

Strong shock absorption: Strong shock absorbtion: Dual spring rubber ball suspension in the bottom of the seat helps to keep you stable and provides better protection while you’re riding. You’ll be able to enjoy your ride without having to worry about uncomfortable bumps or jolts. You’ll never have to worry about saddle sores or pain again!

The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is perfect for riders who want a little more cushioning while they ride. This seat is designed to provide a strong shock absorption effect that helps to keep the noise down between the spring, while the extra padding provides a comfortable experience that will make your ride more enjoyable.

Easy to install: This seat is designed to fit nearly all bikes! You can use the adapter to fit different bikes, and with the extra install tools, you’ll be able to have it set up in no time. This comfortable bike saddle will make your ride more enjoyable and much more comfortable. It will take no time to install the seat according to their installation guide.

US design patent: Upgrade to our Oversized Comfort Bike Seat! This design patent-approved seat is made for those who want unparalleled comfort while biking. The United States Design Patent has been approved for this product, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

5. Giddy Up! Bike Seat

  • Brand: ‎Giddy Up
  • Item Dimensions: 11 x 13.4 x 7.4 inches
  • Material: ‎Faux Leather
  • Outer Material: Foam, Faux Leather


  • The bike Seat is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, as well as any off-road.
  • The universal fit system makes it a perfect replacement for any bike seat.
  • The cover is made of durable and water-resistant material, ensuring that it will last a long time.
  • It comes with a replacement guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.
  • The cover is easy to install and remove, making it a breeze to use.
  • The bike Seat is made with a dual spring system that absorbs shocks, making your ride more comfortable.


  • Way too squishy on the outside

The Giddy Up Bike Seat provides comfort and safety while riding. The soft, faux leather outer material is comfortable against your skin, while the foam pad provides extra cushioning. The reflective band helps keep you safe and visible when cycling at night.

Giddy Up Bike Seat can be the most comfortable padded bike seat replacement on the market for you. It’s designed with a durable, water resistant cover and includes a mounting wrench for easy installation. Plus, the soft, comfortable padding will make your ride more enjoyable.

Shock absorber: The Giddy Up Bike Seat is the perfect way to make your bike ride smoother. The two spring suspensions beneath the seat absorb shocks from bumps, potholes, and other obstacles, making for a smoother experience. This seat is also great for people who have back problems, as it takes the pressure off of their spine.

Universal fit: Giddy Up is the bike seat that makes cycling easier and more comfortable. It installs in minutes with no tools required, and it’s adjustable to fit any bike. Giddy Up provides a more comfortable riding experience by supporting your weight evenly, and the soft cushioning prevents soreness or chafing.

Best for stationary bikes: The Giddy Up Bike Seat is perfect for stationary bikes! It provides more comfort and support, making your cycling experience more enjoyable. Plus, it’s easy to install and fits most stationary bikes.

6. Oversized Comfort Bike Seat (Budget pick)

  • Brand: ‎Asani
  • aterial: ‎Faux Leather
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Suggested Users: Unisex-adult


  • The Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is extra wide and has more padding for a more comfortable ride.
  • It comes with dual-spring suspension to absorb shocks and make the ride even more comfortable.
  • The universal rail mounting system means it can be attached to most bikes, and it also includes a BONUS saddle adapter.
  • This seat is ISO CERTIFIED QUALITY, so you know it’s made to last.
  • It comes with a warranty, so you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product.


  • It will not be durable for very big guys

Do you ever feel like you’re going to slide right off the saddle while riding your bike? And no matter how many times you adjust the seat, it still doesn’t feel comfortable? Then the Oversized Comfort Bike Seat can help you a lot. Made with faux leather and extra padding, this seat will make your rides more comfortable and enjoyable. Unlike other bike saddles that are too thin, the seat is extra wide, ensuring that you’ll stay in place.

Dual suspension: It features dual-spring suspension to cushion your ride, making it ideal for men and women alike. dual-spring suspension is one of the key benefits of oversized bike seats. While this type of suspension is not typically found on standard bikes, it provides a host of benefits that make them great choices for those looking for extra comfort. For starters, dual-spring suspension eliminates the jarring motion that comes with traditional shocks and springs. Plus, it offers a more stable ride that is resistant to bumps and vibration.

Universal fit: The Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is the perfect replacement saddle for your bicycle in your budget. It is designed to provide a comfortable, cushioned ride while you’re cruising around town or on your favorite trail. The universal rail mounting system ensures a perfect fit on any bike, and the bonus saddle adapter means it’s compatible with any seatpost size.

ISO certified: ISO certified: With its roomier size and durable construction, this seat provides all-day comfort for even the longest rides. The ISO-certified quality means you can trust this seat to last, while the premium materials and careful workmanship ensure a perfect fit and lasting performance.

ISO certification is one way to make sure you’re getting a seat that meets the highest standards. ISO certification means the seat has been tested and proven to meet worldwide safety and quality standards. The benefits of ISO certification include:

-The seat is likely to be more comfortable, since it has been designed specifically for cyclists’ bodies.

-It’s likely to be more durable since it has been tested against some tough conditions.

-It’s less likely to cause injury since it’s been designed with safety in mind.

Easy to install: This bike seat is designed for ultimate comfort. It’s oversized and forgiving, making it perfect for long rides and leisurely weekend cruises. The easy-to-follow mounting instructions make installation a breeze, and the included mounting tools make it simple to get started.

Why does my bike seat hurt my bum?

Bicycling is a popular mode of transportation around the world, and for good reason. It’s affordable, efficient, and healthy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when biking that can make it even more enjoyable. For one thing, make sure you get a bike that fits your body well. Many people have trouble riding bikes that hurt their butts because the seat is too high or too low. Additionally, find a bike with a comfortable saddle that supports your back. If you’re using a standard bicycle seat, try padded inserts or an adjustable saddle to make it more comfortable.

Does your bum get used to a bike seat?

Do you find yourself adjusting to your bike seat every time you hop on? If so, it might be time to consider a new one. A study conducted by The Guardian found that the average person’s bum spends around two hours per day in contact with the saddle, which can really wear down on the saddle and seat. In order to ensure your bottom never has to suffer again, read the article for finding out how to get used to bike seat fast.

How do you pad your bum when cycling?

When cycling, it is important to protect your bum from the hard metal surface of the bicycle seat. There are a few different ways to do this.

Some cyclists use a traditional saddle pad or foam cushion. These pads can be inserted into the existing saddle or fit over a standard cycle helmet. They are easy to remove and store when not in use.

Other cyclists prefer to use a padded carrier that attaches to the bicycle frame or seat post. This provides extra cushioning and prevents chafing. The benefits of using a padded carrier include that it is lightweight and easily portable.


In conclusion, the best bike seat for big bum is the saddle with extra padding. This will help to reduce the amount of pain that is felt during a ride. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the seat is the correct size for the rider. A seat that is too small will cause even more pain and discomfort. Finally, always take time to adjust the seat correctly before taking a ride.

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