8 Best Bike Seat for Tailbone Pain

Best Bike Seat For Tailbone Pain. What is tailbone/coccyx pain? Causes of tailbone pain while cycling. How is a bike saddle responsible for coccyx pain?

Tailbone pain, also known as coccyx pain, is a condition that can be incredibly uncomfortable and disruptive. While there are many potential causes of tailbone pain, one of the most common is sitting on a hard surface for an extended period of time. This is especially true for those who commute by bike. A good bike seat can make a big difference in the amount of pain experienced while cycling. Here are seven of the best bike seats for tailbone pain.

The SQlab 612 Ergowave S-Tube bike saddle is a very dependable bike seat for tailbone pain sufferers. The saddle is made from titanium, so it is super strong and lightweight. The ergonomic design helps to properly distribute weight and reduce pressure on the tailbone. The saddle is also reversible, so it can be customized to fit each cyclist’s needs.

What is tailbone/coccyx pain?

What is tailbone/coccyx pain?

The coccyx, also known as the tailbone, is located at the base of the spine. Coccyx pain can be caused by many things such as a fall, childbirth, or an injury. The pain can be sharp and intense or a dull ache. It can also radiate to other parts of the body such as the hips, buttocks, and legs. Treatment may include over-the-counter medications, ice packs, and rest. Surgery may be necessary if the pain does not improve with other treatments.

While this type of pain can be caused by many things, including cycling itself, it is most commonly associated with sitting for extended periods of time. In fact, many people who suffer from tailbone or coccyx pain find that it is worse when they sit in a car or on a bike for an extended period of time.

Big guys often have a difficult time finding a mountain bike seat that is comfortable for them. Most seats are designed for people of average size, and they can be very uncomfortable for larger people. This can lead to pain and even injuries while riding. That’s why we have created an article on Best Mountain Bike Seat For Big Guys To Get Painless Ride. Must read this article.

8 Best Bike Seat for Tailbone Pain

When you’re choosing a bike seat, the last thing you want to worry about is pain in your tailbone. However, for many people, this is a common problem. For these people, it’s best to invest in a seat that will provide the maximum comfort and support. The following seven seats are some of the best for tailbone pain.


Product Name


Price Range

1. SQlab 612 Ergowave S-Tube

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Lightweight just 182g

  • Waterproof


2. 612 R Ergowave Bicycle Saddle Sqlab

Rating: 4.2/5

  • Ergonomic shape

  • Strong, lightweight, and durable


3. Serfas RX Cruiser Bicycle Saddle

Rating: 4.6/5

  • Dual density base technology

  • Deep groove design

Above Average

4. Velmia Bike Seat

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Has air ventilation

  • Three specific riding position


5. Selle Royal Soft Moderate Saddle

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Unique gel structure

  • Prevents pressure sores


6. A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat  

Rating: 4.4/5

  • Reduces perineal pressure

  • Full length center recess for comfortable anatomic relief


7. Ecxtop Comfort Bike Seat  

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Double shock absorber ball

  • Extra wide and comfortable

Below Average

8. Chaunts Bike Seat

Rating: 4.5/5

  • waterproof PVC leather

  • Equipped with a safety belt

Below Average

1. SQlab 612 Ergowave S-Tube (Best Pick)

  • Brand: SQlab
  • Seat Size: 11 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Material: Titanium
  • Seat Weight: 0.18 Kilograms


  • Ergonomic design – the saddle is shaped to fit the anatomy of the male and female bodies, so you will sit in an optimal position
  • Lightweight – the saddle weighs in at just 182g
  • Waterproof – the saddle is made from a waterproof material
  • Titanium – the saddle is made from titanium, so it is super strong
  • Can take high pressure – the saddle can take high pressure, so it is suitable for riders who weigh equal to 90 kg
  • Ergonomic design prevents pressure on the perineum area, which reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction
  • S-tube struts improve blood circulation


  • Some riders felt the seat is too lightweight for old riders
  • Some riders complained there is a lack of antiprostatic grooves. But we don’t think

The SQlab 612 Ergowave S-Tube bike saddle is our best pick for relieving coccyx pain. This saddle has a unique design that helps to align your spine and pelvis, which takes the pressure off of your coccyx. it has a built-in suspension system that reduces vibrations and shocks.

If you’re looking for the best quality, most comfortable bike saddle money can buy, look no further than SQlab’s 612 Ergowave S-Tube. This premium saddle is made from titanium and features outer foam material for unbeatable comfort. Plus, its S-tube struts provide excellent support and vibration dampening, making it perfect for long rides.

There are many benefits to making a bike saddle with the material of titanium. Titanium is a very strong metal that is also very lightweight. This makes it the perfect material for bike saddles. Titanium is also corrosion-resistant, meaning that it will not rust or corrode over time. This makes it a very durable material for bike saddles.

Finally, titanium is hypoallergenic, meaning that it is unlikely to cause skin irritation or allergies. This makes it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. All of these benefits make titanium an excellent choice for bike saddles.

S-tube struts have been used in this saddle. There are many benefits of S-tube struts in terms of bike saddle for coccyx pain. The first is that the S-tube strut can help to keep your weight evenly distributed on the bike saddle, which is important for preventing pain in the coccyx area.

Additionally, the S-tube strut can help to keep you in a more comfortable position while riding, which can also help to reduce or prevent pain in the coccyx area. Finally, using an S-tube strut can also help to improve your overall cycling performance by providing you with more stability and support while riding.

Holding capacity: This saddle is made with super light foam and a seat length of 275 mm, so you can ride in comfort all day long. The maximum load capacity is 90 kg, it’s perfect for riders of almost all sizes. So roughly an almost fat person can easily use this seat. The S-Tube maintains its shape and tension even after several months of use with minimal maintenance, which can reduce the chances of wearing out the saddle over time.

2. 612 R Ergowave Bicycle Saddle Sqlab

  • Brand: SQlab
  • Seat Width: 12 cm, 13 cm and 14 cm
  • Material: Composite
  • Seat Weight: ‎150 Grams


  • It provides a perfect fit for your body and ensures a perfect power transmission
  • Maximum performance with less weight
  • Strong waist and narrow short saddle nose for more leg room
  • The ergonomic shape supports your pelvis and ensures a healthy blood circulation
  • Strong, lightweight, and durable
  • Reduces the risk of numbness
  • Reduces the risk of pain in the perineal area
  • Improves the circulation of the ischial bones


  • Some riders felt the seat weight is too low. But this is not a big deal

The 612 R Ergowave Bicycle Saddle by Sqlab is a high-quality saddle that will improve your cycling experience. The saddle is made of composite material and features a foam and gel pad to provide comfort and support. The ergonomic design helps to reduce pressure on your body, while the gel pad ensures that you remain comfortable for extended periods of time.

Gel pads are designed to cushion and absorb shock, making them a popular choice for cyclists of all levels. Some of the benefits of using a gel pad in your bike seat include:

Increased comfort – A gel pad can help to reduce pressure on your bottom, which can lead to increased comfort and less pain while cycling.

Improved performance – Many cyclists believe that using a gel pad in their bike seat helps them to ride longer and faster with less fatigue.

Reduced risk of injury – A gel pad can help to protect your bottom from chafing, soreness, and other injuries caused by cycling.

Pedalling Comfort And Capacity: 612 R Ergowave Bicycle Saddle Sqlab is an excellent saddle for anyone looking for increased comfort when pedaling. The stiffness in the longitudinal direction ensures that you are able to pedal with more power, while the optimized flex to the side makes it easier to move your body around when cycling.

The 612 R Ergowave bicycle saddle by Sqlab is the right choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and performance-oriented saddle. This saddle is designed with a deep channel and relief groove that cradles your sit bones, while the wider shape ensures support and comfort for riders of all sizes.

Moreover, the sqlab saddle is treated with an antibacterial coating that helps keep you safe and healthy on your rides. Plus, the 612 R is approved for up to 90 kg rider weight so you can be sure it will stand up to even the most aggressive riding.

It offers maximum performance and a perfect fit, with more comfort and less weight than ever before. The saddle’s unique design redistributes pressure evenly across the seating area, while the foam padding provides extra cushioning for a more comfortable ride. At just 150 grams, the 612R is also incredibly lightweight, making it easy to transport and store.

It has a strong waist and narrow short saddle nose for more leg room, which allows you to cycle faster and longer. Plus, the soft cushioning ensures maximum comfort even on long rides.

612 R Ergowave Bicycle Saddle Sqlab is anatomically designed to ensure even weight distribution and perfect power transmission when cycling uphill. Its sporty raised rear increases grip and comfort, making it the perfect saddle for conquering any terrain.

3. Serfas RX Cruiser Bicycle Saddle

  • Brand: Serfas
  • Seat Size: 12.4 x 9.5 x 4.3 inches
  • Seat Weight: ‎‎0.5 Kilograms
  • 90-Day Comfort Guarantee


  • Infinite comfort system – Patented
  • Deep groove design – Prevents saddle from slipping
  • Dual density base technology – Reduces pressure on soft tissue
  • Rear elastomer suspension – Provides excellent shock absorption
  • 90-Day comfort guarantee


  • The seatis not functional for “hybrid” bike riding
  • The seat is not super durable for heavy riders

Serfas RX Cruiser Bicycle Saddle is designed to provide cyclists with premium comfort while riding. Its Dual Density base technology offers two layers of cushioning, which results in more support and less fatigue. Additionally, the saddle’s shape is anatomically contoured to fit the rider’s body, providing increased blood flow and reducing pressure on sensitive areas.

There are many benefits of Dual Density base technology of a bike saddle for coccyx. Dual Density base technology is designed to evenly distribute pressure and create a more comfortable experience by providing two layers of foam. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from coccyx pain, as it can help to reduce pressure on the painful area. Additionally, a bike saddle with Dual Density base technology often features a cut-out section which further reduces pressure on the coccyx.

Patented I.C.S.: It’s patented I.C.S. Infinite Comfort System provides infinite support and relief from coccyx pain while riding. The RX Cruiser Bicycle Saddle is also designed with a cut-out in the center to relieve pressure on your tailbone.

The Infinite Comfort System is a patented bike saddle design that claims to provide superior comfort and relief for people with coccyx pain. The system consists of two curved pieces of plastic that are designed to cradle the tailbone and provide support and relief from pressure and pain.

Does the ICS really work? There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests it does provide relief for people with coccyx pain, but there have been no scientific studies to date that have been able to confirm this. However, if you are experiencing significant coccyx pain, it might be worth giving this saddle design a try to see if it provides you with some relief.

The Serfas RX Cruiser Bicycle Saddle is both comfortable and supportive, with a deep groove that reduces pressure on the sensitive area. Additionally, the elastomer suspension helps to absorb shocks and keep you riding smoothly.

Elastomer suspension is a type of shock absorber that uses compressed rubber or plastic to absorb shocks and vibrations. It is often used in car seats and bike saddles to make them more comfortable for the rider. Elastomer suspension helps to cushion the rider’s weight and reduce the impact on the coccyx. This can help to prevent pain and injury, and make cycling more comfortable overall.

Serfas’ RX Cruiser Saddle is designed specifically for upright recreational riding. It features a deep, supportive cavity and ample padding to keep you comfortable mile after mile. Plus, there’s a 90-Day Comfort Guarantee on all Serfas saddles, so you can be sure you’re making the right investment.

4. Velmia Bike Seat Made of Comfortable

  • Brand: Velmia
  • Seat Size: 10.55 x 7.36 x 4.17 inches
  • Material: ‎‎Memory Foam
  • 100% Waterproof


  • Velmia is made of high-quality memory foam, which allows for a comfortable riding experience
  • Velmia Bike Seat has air ventilation
  • Velmia Bike Seat is 100% waterproof
  • Velmia Bike Seat has three specific riding position
  • Velmia is ergonomically designed to fit the female and male anatomy


  • Some riders told the seat was too hard for them
  • Some riders found the seat heavier than the company claim

Sitting on a standard bike saddle for any length of time can be extremely painful for your tailbone. The Velmia Bike Seat Made of Comfortable Memory Foam is designed to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible while riding. The high-quality memory foam conforms to your body, providing support and relieving pressure on your tailbone. You’ll be able to ride longer distances without discomfort!

The seat is made of a soft, comfortable material that will make your ride more enjoyable. The bike seat also has functional air ventilation to keep you cool and prevent sweat build-up. Air ventilation also increases the lifespan of the seat, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. The Velmia bike seat made of comfortable memory foam is designed for both men and women.

Comfort & Fitting: The Velmia Bike Seat is made of water resistant, durable fabric with comfortable foam padding. This bike seat is designed for those who suffer from tailbone pain and want a perfect fit. The width of 7.3 inches not only accommodates the absolutely perfect fit but is on account of the additional welded seams that provide extra cushioning and comfort.

The saddle has been designed specifically to provide comfort and relief, with three different models to choose from, depending on your riding position. Whether you like to ride upright or leaning forward, they’ve got the perfect seat for you! The seat is made of soft, durable foam that will cushion your sit bones and help you avoid pain and discomfort.

The Velmia Bike Seat is made of the highest quality materials and are designed to provide you with the most comfortable ride possible. Plus, there English-speaking customer service team is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They can ensure you get the right saddle clamp and illustrated instructions. So why wait? Order your Velmia bike seat today!

5. Selle Royal Soft Moderate Saddle

  • Brand: Selle Royal
  • Seat Size: 10.91 x 7.17 x 3 inches
  • Material: ‎‎Blend
  • Seat Weight: ‎0.54 Kilograms


  • Prevents pressure sores
  • Unique gel structure that guarantees a perfect fit
  • Ventilation Channel for the best possible air circulation that keeps the saddle cool
  • 100% Water resistant cover for a dry seat
  • A patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle
  • 1 year warranty


  • In some cases, the metal rail broke in 15 months

The Selle Royal Soft Moderate saddle is another bike seat option for those who are looking for comfort and performance. The outer material is made from gel, which provides a soft and comfortable feel while you ride. Additionally, the material blend ensures that the saddle remains durable and resists wear and tear. The dimensions are 10.91 x 7.17 x 3 inches, making it the perfect size for most riders.

The Selle Royal Soft Moderate Saddle is with a unique tridimensional gel structure. Royalgel guarantees the highest level of comfort, with each ride. The saddle is designed to distribute pressure evenly across your body, while the integrated cooling system keeps you cool and comfortable on long rides.

Cool & Comfortable: If you’re looking for a saddle that will keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest rides, the Selle Royal Respiro Soft Moderate saddle is perfect. Its ventilation channel guarantees high respiration, while the soft, moderate padding provides unparalleled comfort. The Ventilation Channel ensures high respiration while relieving pressure on the perineal area.

The cover is made from a breathable material that helps keep the rider cool, even on hot days. Plus, the size is perfect for riders who need a little more space on their saddle and anatomical design provides excellent support.

With Selle Royal’s Soft Moderate Saddle patented Royal Vacuum Light technology, the saddle is 100% sealed and water resistant. This means you’ll stay dry even when riding in the rain, and your saddle will be protected from dirt, dust, and other debris. The Soft Moderate Saddle is perfect for riders who want a comfortable, cushioned seat with a little more support than the standard soft saddle.

This saddle is made from soft, premium-quality materials and features a patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a Selle Royal saddle bag or other accessories. With its comfortable design and durable construction, the Selle Royal Soft Moderate saddle is ideal for riders who demand the best in performance and comfort.

6. Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat- Men

  • Brand: Planet Bike
  • Seat Size: 4 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Material: ‎‎Lycaspandex
  • Seat Weight: ‎‎0.91 Pounds


  • Cushioned for comfort
  • Reduces perineal pressure
  • Durable and sturdy for all-weather riding
  • Std RailsLength: 252mmRail Material
  • Material lycaspandex and aluminum
  • Full length center recess for comfortable anatomic relief
  • No-slip padded nose


  • The padding is shot after a few months
  • This is only for men

The A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat is designed to provide cyclists with the best possible experience on the road. The lycaspandex material ensures a comfortable and breathable ride, while the aluminum outer material helps reduce heat build-up. Most importantly, this bike seat is engineered to help alleviate tailbone pain, making every journey more enjoyable.

Lycaspandex material is made of a blend of lycra and spandex. This material is used in bike saddles to provide comfort and support to the rider. The benefits of using this material include:

  1. Increased comfort – Lycaspandex material is soft and flexible, which provides a comfortable ride for the cyclist.
  2. Reduced fatigue – The flexible nature of the material helps to reduce muscle fatigue, which can cause discomfort during long rides.
  3. Improved performance – Lycaspandex material helps to keep the cyclist in the correct position, improving performance.

The aluminum outer material on a bike seat is beneficial in a few ways. First, it is lightweight and helps make the seat easier to carry around. Second, the aluminum is durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is important because it means the seat will last longer. Finally, the aluminum material is also corrosion-resistant, meaning it will not rust over time.

Cool & Comfortable: Planet Bike’s A.R.S. Classic bike seat is perfect for men who want anatomic relief and maximum comfort while cycling. The full-length center recess provides ample room for comfortable seating, while the soft as needed padding ensures a cushioned ride. Plus, the flex support base provides extra flexibility and cushioning so you can cycle in total comfort all day long!

Planet Bike’s A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat for Men is designed with a soft top cover and abrasion-resistant side material for comfort and durability. This seat is perfect for long rides and provides excellent support to keep you riding longer.

Planet Bike’s A.R.S. Classic bike seat is perfect for men who want a durable saddle that won’t break the bank. The saddle is made of steel and has a length of 252mm. It also has clamp style std rails and a weight of 416g.

Planet Bike’s A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat is perfect for serious cyclists who demand comfort and performance. Made of durable steel, this seat is designed to provide hours of riding enjoyment. The saddle’s contoured design makes it easy to pedal, while the soft padding ensures a comfortable ride.

7. Comfort Bike Seat (Budget Pick)

  • Brand: Ecxtop
  • Pad Type: Foam Pad
  • Material: ‎‎Silicone
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • The Bike Seat is made out of silicon material, which makes it extra wide and comfortable.
  • It has a double shock absorber ball that will help absorb the shock from the road, making your ride much more comfortable.
  • The reflective strip on the back will help keep you safe while riding at night.
  • It is easy to install and fits most standard bicycles.
  • The seat features a built-in airflow vent that helps to keep you cool and comfortable on those hot days.
  • The seat comes with a money back guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.


  • Users have claimed the seat is not so durable

Do you hate getting wet when you ride your bike in the rain? Well, with our Comfort Bike Seat – Silicone Waterproof, you’ll never have to worry about that again! Made from silicone and foam, this seat is designed to keep you dry and comfortable no matter what the weather is like.

Plus, the silicone material makes it easy to clean and maintain. So don’t wait any longer, order your Comfort Bike Seat – Silicone Waterproof today! The outer material is made of foam, which makes it soft and plush. Plus, the foam pad helps to cushion your sit bones and protect them from impact.

The comfort bike seat has a double shock absorber ball with a reflective strip bicycle mat provides an extra layer of cushioning and safety while you cycle. The reflective strips make your trip safer in the dark, so you can enjoy your rides even more.

Comfort: Do you experience discomfort or pain in your legs when riding your bike? Do you find yourself constantly adjusting and readjusting your seat to try and find a comfortable position? This innovative seat is designed with airflow vents to accommodate circulation of your buttocks, helping to alleviate scuff and pain. Plus, the contoured shape provides extra comfort so you can enjoy a longer, more enjoyable ride.

The ergonomically designed seat is specifically made to provide airflow and reduce pressure on your bottom, making the transition to the seat much more comfortable. Additionally, the seat will not obstruct your thighs as you move, ensuring a smooth ride. So you can ride in comfort all day long.

8. Chaunts Bike Seat (Budget Pick)

  • Brand: Chaunts
  • Pad Type: Gel Pad
  • Material: ‎‎Leather
  • 60 Days of Money-Back Guarantee


  • The bike seat is made of premium grade waterproof PVC leather, which makes it touch smooth, wear-resistant and anti-scratch.
  • The arc technology cantilevered shock bow absorbs shock pressure, making your ride more comfortable.
  • The bike seat is also equipped with a safety belt that ensures your child’s safety while riding.
  • It is easy to install and fits most standard bikes.
  • The bike seat is designed to be slender in the front so that there is no friction between the thighs and the seat.
  • This seat is easy to install and can be quickly released.
  • The bike seat comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee of 60 days.


  • While the padding felt good, the seat support broke within a short time

Chaunts bike seat is perfect for those who are looking for a comfortable and stylish way to ride their bike. The soft gel pad provides a comfortable place to sit, while the waterproof faux leather and rubber outer material ensures that you stay in place and safe from water. The stylish design makes this bike seat perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of style to their ride.

Wear-resistant and anti-scratch Chaunts Bike Seat is designed with arc technology and a cantilevered shock bow. This allows for a comfortable and ergonomic experience while riding. The bike seat is made to make your cycling journey more enjoyable.

Comfort: If you’re looking for a bike seat that will improve your shock absorption, cushioning effect, and reduce muggy feeling, then the Chaunts Bike Seat is perfect for you! This seat is designed with a central hollow that allows air to flow through, keeping you cool and comfortable on your ride. Plus, the shock absorption cushioning will help relieve any pain or discomfort you may feel while cycling.

Chaunts Bike Seat will make your cycling experience more pleasurable. The seat is long and slender, which helps to avoid friction inside the thigh. It also has non-noise dual springs, which offer superior buffer.

Do you hate having to adjust your bike seat height before every ride? This seat is perfect for both double-track seat tubes and standard seat posts. With its easy installation and quick release, you’ll be able to adjust your seat height in seconds.

Causes of tailbone pain while cycling

There are many potential causes of coccyx pain while cycling. A few of the more common ones are listed below.

Sitting too low on the bike saddle can put undue pressure on the coccyx, which can lead to pain. This is particularly true for cyclists who ride in a more aggressive, leaned-over position.

A poor bike fit can also be a contributing factor to coccyx pain while cycling. If the bike saddle is too high or too low, or if the handlebars are in the wrong position, it can cause discomfort and pain.

another common cause of coccyx pain while cycling is saddle sores. These sores can develop when a cyclist sits on the same spot on the saddle for long periods of time, which can lead to inflammation and pain.

How is a bike saddle responsible for coccyx pain?

There are many potential causes of coccyx pain, and a bike saddle is just one possible culprit. While it’s certainly plausible that a bike saddle could contribute to coccyx pain, there is no definitive evidence to support this claim. Some experts believe that a poorly fitted saddle can cause the pelvis to tilt too far forward, which in turn puts pressure on the coccyx.

Others suggest that sitting on a hard saddle for an extended period of time can lead to inflammation and pain in the area. Still, others believe that the pressure from the bike seat can cause the muscles around the coccyx to weaken, leading to pain and discomfort. In order to determine if your bike saddle is responsible for your coccyx pain, it’s important to rule out other potential causes and seek medical advice from a qualified professional.

What can make a bike saddle Tailbone pain-relieving?

One of the most important things is the angle of the saddle. It should be tilted downward so that it is more in line with the natural angle of the rider’s pelvis. This will help to reduce pressure on the tailbone bone.

It is important to make sure that the saddle is adjusted correctly. The nose of the saddle should be positioned so that it is directly over the pubic bone when seated on the bike.

Another thing to consider is the material of the saddle. Some materials are more comfortable than others. Gel-covered saddles are often considered to be more comfortable than those that are not covered in gel.

But it should not be too soft. A too-soft saddle usually becomes too uncomfortable after around 30 to 45 minutes. The sit bones sink into the ground, so sensitive soft tissue such as muscle and tendons are irritated. Look at the picture below

best bike seat for tailbone pain

Additionally, a wider saddle may be more comfortable than a narrower one in terms of relieving tailbone pain, and don’t use too upright posture if you have the issue of tail bone pain. When in a very upright position, the tailbone can be very close to the saddle. See the picture bellow.

best bike seat for tailbone pain too narrow seat

Riding bike on crushed limestone trails is a very exciting and adventurous experience but for that, you need a perfect bike. So for those who want the experience read our article “Best Bike For Crushed Limestone Trails”. Our article tells you everything you need to know to choose the best bike for your next adventurous experience.

How do I stop my tailbone from hurting when cycling?

There are a few things you can do to try to stop your tailbone from hurting when cycling. One thing is to make sure that you are sitting up straight in the saddle. You may also want to try using a gel seat cover or a padded bike seat to make it more comfortable for you. Another thing you can do is to make sure that you are getting enough exercise and that your muscles are strong. You can do the 3 following things too or if you want to learn how to make your bike seat more comfortable then read this article.

Try different seats

The first thing is to explore different types of bike seats. There are many different types of bike seats available, and not all of them will be comfortable for everyone. You may need to try a few different types before you find one that works well for you.

Bridge Your Back

Bridge Your Back is a simple exercise that can be done to help stop tailbone pain while cycling. The exercise helps to keep the spine in alignment and takes the pressure off of the tailbone. To do the Bridge Your Back, lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent. Place your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Keep your shoulders down and press your feet into the floor as you lift your hips up until your thighs and torso are in line with each other – hold for two seconds. Slowly lower your hips back to the starting position. Repeat eight times.

Take breaks and shorten your rides

The average person only has a finite amount of energy to expend each day. When that energy is depleted, it can lead to negative consequences such as pain or reduced productivity. This is especially true for those who engage in physical activity. For cyclists, one way to prevent pain and discomfort is to take breaks during long rides and shorten the distance of those rides.

The pain is caused by pressure on the tailbone from the seat of the bike. This pressure can be exacerbated by long rides or rides that cover a lot of distance. In addition to taking breaks, cyclists can reduce tailbone pain by using a saddle that is designed specifically for them. A saddle that is too wide or too narrow can cause discomfort and increase the risk of developing tailbone pain.

How do you strengthen your coccyx?

There is no one definitive answer to how to strengthen your coccyx. However, there are a few things you can do to help keep it healthy and strong. Exercises that focus on the pelvic floor muscles can be beneficial, as well as exercises that focus on the glutes and hamstrings.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also important, as excess weight can put stress on the coccyx. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your coccyx, speak to your doctor or physical therapist about specific exercises that may help alleviate your symptoms.

How should I sit to prevent tailbone pain?

There are a few different things you can do to help prevent tailbone pain while riding a bike. One is to make sure that you are sitting on the seat correctly. You should sit far enough back so that your weight is distributed evenly between your sit bones. You should also avoid leaning too far forward or backward. Another thing you can do is to wear padded shorts or a padded seat cover to provide extra cushioning for your tailbone. If the pain persists, you may want to see a doctor to find out if there is an underlying medical condition causing the problem.

Should I be worried if my tailbone hurts?

If you’re experiencing pain in your tailbone while cycling, you may be wondering if you should be worried. Fortunately, in most cases, this type of pain is nothing to worry about and will go away on its own. If the pain persists, try using a padded seat cover or a cushion to provide extra support. Finally, if the pain is severe or doesn’t improve after a few weeks, see your doctor for advice.


In conclusion, a bike seat that is the right size and made from the right materials can help to prevent tailbone pain. If you are currently experiencing tailbone pain, it is important to find a bike seat that will provide you with the most comfort. By following these tips, you can be on your way to finding the best bike seat for your needs.

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