7 Best Extra Wide Bike Seat to better comfort and support

Best extra wide bike seat. Different types of bike seats. Why do you need an extra wide bike seat? Is a wider bike seat always more comfortable than a less wide seat?

Extra wide bike seats are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They can provide more comfort, support and stability when riding. Additionally, they can make it easier to get in and out of the bike. The best extra wide bike seats tend to be those that are adjustable, as this allows them to fit a variety of riders.

Extra wide bike seats allow for more comfortable seating, especially when cycling for long periods of time. They also offer protection from the elements and provide a wider surface area for your thighs to rest upon. There are many different types of extra wide bike seats on the market, so it is important to choose one that is comfortable and fits your needs.

Different types of bike seats

Different types of bike seats

For a cyclist, choosing the right bike seat is essential for comfort and safety. There are a variety of types of bike seats on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

First, it is important to understand that not all bike seats are created equal. Different riders have different body shapes and preferences, which means that there is no one perfect bike seat for everyone. That said, there are three main types of bike seats: traditional, cruiser, and mountain bike seats.

Traditional bike seats

Traditional bike seats are typically designed for riders who are shorter or smaller in stature. They’re easy to get on and off of, but they don’t provide as much support as other types of bikes seats.

They are comfortable, supportive, and allow you to stay in the saddle for longer periods of time. Additionally, traditional bike seats often have more padding than modern seat designs, which can make them more forgiving when it comes to cycling accidents. Some of the key factors that determine whether a traditional bike seat is right for you include your height and weight, your riding style, and the type of bicycle you are using.

Cruiser bike seats

cruiser bike seats can provide many benefits to riders, including improved comfort and reduced back pain. They also offer an extra level of stability and control when riding. Additionally, cruiser bike seats tend to be wider than standard bike seats, which can improve circulation and help reduce fatigue. Finally, cruiser bike seats often feature extra padding and cushioning, which can make them particularly comfortable to ride on long rides.

Mountain bike seats

Mountain bike seats have many benefits, the most important of which is comfort. With a seat that fits your body well, you can ride for longer periods without feeling pain or discomfort. The other benefits of good mountain bike seats include better suspension performance, increased stability and control, and decreased fatigue.

Why do you need an extra wide bike seat?

Why do you need an extra wide bike seat?

If you want you can find extra wide bike seats for almost every type of bike seat. When you’re riding your bike, you want to be as comfortable as possible. This means having a seat that is wide enough to accommodate your whole body. Unfortunately, not all seats are wide enough for everyone. If you’re one of those people who falls into this category, then you need an extra wide bike seat. Here are some reasons why:

  1. You’ll be more comfortable. A wider seat will allow you to sit in a more relaxed position, which will make the ride more enjoyable.
  2. You’ll stay safer. A wider bike seat will give your hips and legs more room to maneuver in case of an accident.
  3. You’ll avoid back pain. A wider seat will distribute your weight more evenly, which can reduce back pain.
  4. You’ll have better performance.

Is a wider bike seat always more comfortable than a less wide seat?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to bike comfort; riders just need to find what works best for them. That said, some riders may prefer an extra wide bike seat in order to maximize their comfort. Is an extra wide bike seat more comfortable than a non-wide bike seat? That is up for debate.

Some people argue that an extra wide bike seat provides more cushioning and can be more comfortable for long rides. Others feel that a wider saddle does not provide the same level of support as a narrower saddle and can cause rider fatigue over time. Ultimately, what is most comfortable for one rider may not be the best choice for another.

My view is “a wider bike seat is more comfortable than a less wide seat, just as a wider bed is more comfortable than a less wide bed”. Don’t laugh, please. It is my personal point of view.

Are all the extra wide bicycle seats comfortable?

Extra wide bike seats can be a great way to make your ride more comfortable. However, not all extra wide bike seats are created equal. Some may be more comfortable than others.

The problem with most bicycle seats is that they’re designed for people who are relatively short and thin. This means that large people often have to settle for seats that are too narrow or uncomfortable. There are some exceptions to this rule, but the vast majority of extra wide bike seats aren’t ergonomically designed to fit larger bodies well.

This might not be a problem if all you need is basic comfort. However, many cyclists find that the extra width makes their backs and hips painless after long rides.

How to find extra wide bike seat that is comfortable and secured?

Now you know that all extra wide bike seats are not equally comfortable and secured as well. For this reason, you have to know which extra wide bike seats really make your ride both comfortable and secure. Once you know that, you will understand why I have suggest the seats that I have suggested in this article. Here are some tips:

First, consider your size. Different brands and models of bikes come in different sizes, so it’s important to find the right one for you. Once you know your size, compare the dimensions of different models to find the one that fits best.

Next, consider how much padding the seat has. Padded seats are often more comfortable because they distribute your weight evenly and prevent hotspots from forming. Make sure to try out the seat in person before buying it to ensure that it’s comfortable.

Finally, think about how wide the seat is across its width.

7 Best extra wide bike seats those are both comfortable and secured

If you’re looking for a comfortable and secure bike seat that is extra wide then this is the time. You don’t need to look further than the 7 Best extra wide bike seats on the market. Each of these seats provides superior comfort and security, making them perfect for long rides or casual weekend rides.

1. Fito Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat

  • Brand: Fito
  • Outer Material: Faux Leather
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Bike Type: Cruiser Bike


  • Ergonomic design for better riding comfort
  • The saddle is made of non-toxic synthetic vinyl leather and sponge, which is soft and comfortable for your butt
  • The solid and durable twin single spring suspension can ensure you a smooth and comfortable ride
  • The comfortable surface padding can prevent you from being sore and aching after long time cycling
  • The saddle is adjustable, which makes it suitable for most adult bikes
  • The saddle is easy to install and remove


  • Many riders claim that it starts squeaking

If you’re looking for a Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat that is both comfortable and stylish, look no further than the Fito Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat and it is made in Taiwan. This Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat is made of high-quality materials. The Vinyl inner material is comfortable and easy to clean, while the faux leather outer material is soft and supportive. The saddle seat is perfect for riding around town or on the beach.

The Fito Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat is a great choice for cyclists who want a durable saddle. The saddle features a soft and padded construction makes it ideal for long rides. The oversized design ensures that even larger riders will be comfortable while riding.

Spring suspension

It features spring suspension to absorb the shock of bumps and uneven terrain, making for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. The saddle is also designed to be lightweight and easy to install, so you can enjoy those long rides without feeling weighed down.

When it comes to biking with a cruiser bike suspension is key. Not only does it add comfort and stability when you’re cruising down the trails, but it can also enhance the overall performance of your bike. Spring suspension is one of the most popular types of suspension out there, and for good reason: It offers a variety of benefits that can make your ride even more enjoyable.

The biggest benefit of spring suspension is that it makes the bike more comfortable to ride. The cushioning in the saddle and the shock absorbers can make a big difference when riding a road bike, so this is an important consideration if you want to enjoy your ride.

It Improves Control When you get a bike that has spring suspension, it will automatically make your bike more stable. This can give you better control and stability when you are riding.

The Fito Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat is the perfect addition to your cruiser bike! It features a clamp mount diameter of 7/8″, making it easy to attach to your bike. The Fito Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat is the perfect way to make your cruiser bike even more comfortable and enjoyable to ride!

The Fito Cruiser Bicycle Saddle Seat is ergonomically designed to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The soft, padded seat features a contoured shape that cradles your body, while the twin spring suspension system absorbs shocks and vibrations for a smoother journey. And thanks to the quick-release mount, it’s easy to install or remove as needed.

2. Hobson Easyseat II Saddle

  • Brand: Hobson
  • Seat Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 8 inches
  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Seat Weight: ‎1 Pounds


  • The shape of the seat is designed to fit a men’s anatomy, so the men can ride longer with less pain
  • The seat is adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your body
  • The seat is made from breathable material, so you can stay cool and comfortable on long rides
  • Turn dial for seat pad width adjustment
  • The nu-leather covering is perforated to prevent streching
  • The seat cover is made of high-quality material, which is durable


  • The seat is made for male anatomy so if you are female then it is a big cons
  • It may take a little time to get used to the dual flexing pads

The Hobson Easyseat II Saddle Bike is the perfect choice for cyclists looking for a light and strong option. Made of steel alloy, this bike is composed of light weight materials that make it lighter and stronger than its predecessor. With a comfortable saddle seat and easy-to-use gears, the Hobson Easyseat II Saddle Bike is perfect for anyone looking for a fast, comfortable ride.

The Hobson Easyseat II Saddle has a nu-leather covering that is perforated to prevent stretching and allow for a customized fit. This saddle is perfect for those who want the perfect fit and enjoy cycling on a regular basis. The Hobson Easyseat II Saddle is also made with chromoly rails, making it sturdy and durable.

Dual flexing pads

The Hobson Easyseat II saddle bike is the perfect way to enjoy a comfortable ride without sacrificing performance. This bike has dual flexing pads that move slightly with the weight and downstroke, keeping your legs fresh mile after mile.

Plus, the two seatpads are contoured to fit your body perfectly, providing extra support and cushioning. You’ll love how easily this bike handles on any terrain, making it perfect for weekend rides or everyday commutes. You’ll be able to cover more ground in less time, without feeling the fatigue or discomfort that comes with traditional saddles.

There are a number of significant benefits to using dual flexing pads bike seats. First and foremost, these seats provide a more comfortable ride for the rider. They adjust to the rider’s body shape and position, providing an even distribution of weight across both hips and thighs. This results in increased comfort and less fatigue during long rides.

Additionally, dual flexing pads bike seats are designed to reduce strain on the lower back and abdominal muscles. By distributing the rider’s weight more evenly, these seats help prevent excessive pressure on these areas, reducing potential pain or injury.

Finally, dual flexing pads bike seats come with adjustable straps that allow them to be customized to fit each individual rider’s body type. This makes it easy to find a seat that fits your specific needs, no matter what your size or build may be.

The adjustment dial allows for the width separation of the seats to be synchronized and held in place, so that you don’t have to worry about constantly readjusting your saddle. The adjustment dial allows other riders to adjust to their comfort zone, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to share a saddle with friends or family, or a loved one.

3. Sunlite Backrest Saddle

  • Brand: Sunlite
  • Seat Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 10.5 inches
  • Seat Weight: ‎3 Pounds
  • Suggested Users: Unisex


  • Provides extra support while riding
  • Keeps your back from getting sore on long rides
  • Creates a more comfortable riding experience
  • Can be fit on any standard seat post
  • Easy to install


  • The seat is not for a small person

If you’re looking for a way to make your bike rides more comfortable, the Sunlite Backrest Bike Saddle is perfect for you. It attaches easily to standard seatposts and provides ample support for your back, which helps reduce fatigue and makes your rides more enjoyable. Plus, it’s wide enough to provide plenty of comfort, even on longer rides.

The Sunlite Backrest bike Saddle is perfect for anyone looking to add extra comfort and support to their ride. With a weight of only 3 pounds, this saddle is lightweight and easy to install. Featuring a built-in backrest, this saddle provides extra lumbar support, ensuring a more comfortable ride.

Integrated Backrest

Saddle up with this SunLite comfort bike seat with backrest for a cushioned ride. The integrated backrest provides support and eliminates the need for a separate chair or back rest, making it perfect for long rides or casual cruises. The foam padding and synthetic leather construction ensures hours of comfortable riding, while the built-in mounting bracket makes installation a breeze.

Integrated backrests have become an increasingly popular option for bike riders, as they provide several benefits. Firstly, integrated backrests offer a more ergonomic and comfortable ride. This is because they position the rider in a more neutral position, which reduces strain on the lower back and spine.

Additionally, integrated backrests make it easier to stay seated while riding, as they help to maintain balance and prevent falls. Finally, integrated backrests are often cheaper than standalone bike seats and can be easily added to any bike.

It’s generally considered good if a bike seat weight is about 3 pounds, as this will make the bike more comfortable and easier to ride. However, there are some people who argue that a heavier seat makes the bike more stable.

A bike seat weight of three pounds may not seem like much, but according to the American Council on Exercise, it can make a big difference when it comes to how comfortable you are cycling. A light bike seat makes it easier to maintain your balance and pedal smoothly. It also eliminates pressure points that can cause pain.

A bike with a heavy seat, on the other hand, can make cycling more difficult and even painful. If you’re considering purchasing a new bike, be sure to consider its seat weight before making a purchase.

4. YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

  • Brand: YLG
  • Material: Pvc leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
  • Warranty: 90 Days


  • Provides maximum comfort for long rides
  • Helps relieve pressure and numbness on sensitive areas
  • Keeps you cool and dry thanks to the breathable mesh fabric
  • Improves your posture
  • Makes your ride more enjoyable
  • Fits any bike
  • Keep you going on even the longest rides


  • It is not for you if you are not overweight or if you don’t have any back issues

The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is the perfect way to make your bike riding experience more comfortable. The seat is made of PVC leather and has a waterproof pad to keep you dry and comfortable. The foam, rubber, and gel pad construction provide extra cushioning and support so you can ride for longer periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.

When it comes to materials for bike seats, PVC leather is hard to beat. Not only is it affordable, but it also offers a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice for riders of all levels. Here are four reasons why you should consider using PVC leather on your seat:

  1. It’s Durable: PVC leather is tough and resistant to wear and tear. This makes it a great option for bike seats that see a lot of use, like those on bikes used for commuting.
  2. It’s Stylish: Unlike other materials used in bike seats, PVC leather looks good and feels comfortable when you’re riding. This makes it an ideal choice if you want a seat that will look good and feel great while you’re riding.
  3. It’s Affordable: PVC leather is cost-effective. This means it will cost you less than other materials and if you want to upgrade your bike seat, you can buy another one that’s the same size and color so you don’t have to waste money on a new seat.


Do you hate feeling every bump and jolt while riding your bike? Do you dread long rides because of the pain and discomfort? Well, with the YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat, you can say goodbye to all that! This seat is fitted with strong shock absorption springs that will cushion your ride, making it much more comfortable. Plus, the dual suspension system ensures a stable and sturdy ride every time.

The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is designed for riders who demand the best in comfort and shock absorption. Dual spring rubber ball suspension provides a more stable, stronger ride, while the extra-large size offers unprecedented levels of comfort, and the strong construction guarantees years of use.

The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is here to provide you with unbeatable comfort during your rides! This seat is designed to fit almost all bikes, and it comes with an adapter to make sure it fits yours perfectly. Plus, there are extra installation kits included so you can make sure your seat is as comfortable as possible. So why wait?

The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is designed to provide cyclists with relief from pain, making it easier for them to continue cycling. The seat is larger and more comfortable than traditional bike seats, and its ergonomic design helps reduce pressure on the rider’s hips and thighs. Additionally, they have acquired a United States design patent certificate.

5. OKBONN Oversized Bike Seat

  • Brand: OKBONN
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Item Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.4 x 4.3 inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime


  • The memory foam layer is soft and has a good elasticity
  • The ergonomic design can make your butt feel more comfortable
  • It can effectively reduce the pressure of the sensitive parts of your body and make you feel more comfortable
  • Universal fit and easy to install
  • Enhance air circulation, keeps your hips cool and dry
  • Dual spring anti-shock ball suspension under the bicycle seat
  • This seat is waterproof, so you can ride in the rain without worrying about getting wet
  • 100% satisfaction warranty


  • Many riders claim the seat is not so durable
  • The memory foam felt too firm

We’ve all been there, finding the perfect bike but struggling to find a comfortable seat. With OKBONN Oversized Bike Seat, you can say goodbye to that problem! The extra-wide bike seat is padded with the latest memory foam, making it extra comfortable for long rides. Plus, the material memory foam will conform to your shape and provide lasting support.

The outer material is made of plush foam, guaranteeing a soft landing every time you dismount your bike You’ll never have to worry about soreness or discomfort again!

The short nose design allows your thighs to move freely during riding without rubbing, and the ergonomic design provides extra cushioning and support. The hollow design enhances air circulation, keeping your hips cool and dry all the time. Plus, the extra-large size provides maximum comfort for riders of all sizes.


If you’re looking for a more comfortable, cushioned cycling experience, you can think about Okbonn seriously. This dual spring shock-absorbing bicycle seat delivers unbeatable comfort and support while you ride, thanks to its ball suspension system.

Dual spring suspension ensures that you’ll enjoy a smooth, cushioned ride every time you hit the road or trail. And because it’s oversized, this seat is perfect for riders of all sizes. So go ahead and take the roads less traveled – with the OKBONN Oversized Bike Seat, you’ll be glad you did! You’ll be able to cover greater distances with less fatigue and enjoy your cycling experience more than ever before!

This seat is designed to make it easy for you to deal with rugged terrain, and say goodbye to the pain that often comes along with cycling. With its strong shock absorption effect, you’ll be able to cycle in comfort and style!

They have designed the perfect oversized bike seat that is universally comfortable for anyone. The seat is oversized, measuring 10.4”Wx10.2”L. You’ll never have to worry about it being too small or too big because it fits everyone! Additionally, the seat is easy to install, with mounting tools and instructions included in the package.

You don’t even need any tools! Just follow their easy instructions and you’ll be ready to go in a little time. This oversized bike seat can be mounted on most common bike seat posts easily in tens of seconds, so you can get up and ride in no time.

This saddle is designed to provide you with extra comfort and support, making your ride more enjoyable. Plus, it comes with a warranty, ensuring that you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase. Contact them to learn more about this oversized bike seat!

6. Bluewind Oversized Bike Seat

  • Brand: Bluewind
  • Material: Quality microfiber
  • Item Dimensions: 13.8 x 11.8 x 6 inches
  • Warranty: 90 days


  • Provides support to relieve pain from long-distance cycling
  • Offers a stable and secure place to sit
  • Support for your back and buttocks, which reduces pressure on your lower back
  • Large seat surface, which makes it easier to ride for longer periods of time
  • Prevents you from sliding off your bike seat
  • The bike seat is easy to install, so you can install it yourself in a very short time
  • 90 days of money-back guarantee


  • Didn’t find

This oversized extra wide bike seat is perfect for people who want a more comfortable, luxurious cycling experience. Made with quality microfiber artificial surface and PU leather, the seat is 4” thick with high-density foam padding to ensure maximum comfort. Whether you’re on a leisurely ride or a morning commute, this seat will make every journey more enjoyable.

The seat is made with high-quality microfiber artificial surface leather, this seat is designed to keep you comfortable during your ride. The short nose design allows your thighs to move freely, and the soft cushioning ensures that you’ll never have a sore bottom again.

Extra-wide and support

This seat is twice as large as traditional bike seats, which means it provides extra comfort and support. The built-in backrest also helps to reduce fatigue and pressure on your back and hips. So if you’re looking for a more comfortable cycling experience, the Bluewind oversized bike seat is definitely worth checking out!

If you’re looking for a comfortable bike seat that will reduce pressure on your back and tailbone, look no further than the Bluewind Oversized Bike Seat. This saddle is 13.8 inches wide, providing a large force area that will distribute your weight evenly and comfortably. The backrest design also helps to release pressure on your spine and tailbone, making for a more enjoyable ride.

The Bluewind Oversized Bike Seat is perfect for those who want a more durable cycling experience. This bike saddle has been compression tested and can withstand a max load of 662LB, making it ideal for heavier riders. Additionally, the upgraded double shock absorption system ensures a smoother ride, even on bumpy terrain.

This bike seat is easy to install, and comes with a bundle of adjustable adapters, reflective tape and an installation wrench. The adjustable adapter makes it easy to install, while the reflective tape increases your visibility on the road. Plus, the installation wrench ensures a quick and easy setup.

7. Asani Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

  • Brand: Asani
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult
  • Warranty: Lifetime


  • Dual-spring suspension absorbs shock and vibration, making your ride more comfortable and enjoyable
  • The seat is extra wide for a more comfortable ride.
  • The saddle has more padding for a softer ride.
  • The dual-spring suspension helps to absorb shocks and bumps.
  • The universal rail mounting system makes it easy to install.
  • The saddle adapter makes it easy to switch saddles.
  • ISO certified quality for a product you can trust
  • Lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence


  • It seems it is not for daily riding
  • Not so durable

Asani Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is a very good bike seat for people little fat who want to ride in comfort. The faux leather seat is extra wide, and has more padding than a standard bike seat, so it’s perfect for long rides or people who are just starting out. Plus, the seat is easy to install and fits most bikes.

The Asani Oversized Comfort Bike Seat will change the way you ride. With dual-spring suspension, this seat is impressively comfy for both men and women. You’ll enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride with less fatigue. Plus, the extra-wide design provides ample support and eliminates pressure points.

ISO Certified

The Asani Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is built for those who demand the best. They’ve used top-quality materials and taken great care in the construction to ensure that this will be the last bicycle seat you’ll ever need. The oversized design provides an extra-comfortable riding experience. Plus, the ISO certification guarantees that you’re getting a quality product.

Asani Oversized Comfort Bike Seat will make you forget all about your old, uncomfortable seat. It’s made of top-quality padding that never loses its bounce and the silence of the shock-absorber makes for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Asani Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is a must-have for avid cyclists! This saddle is designed with a universal rail mounting system, so it can be easily attached to any bike. Plus, the included saddle adapter makes installation a breeze.

The extra-large size provides ample support and comfort, while the soft padding ensures hours of riding pleasure. The seat also includes easy-to-follow mounting instructions and all the mounting tools required right in the box. The saddle is also backed by a one-of-a-kind lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

What happens if a saddle is too wide?

Saddle width is important to consider when choosing a horse saddle because if it is too wide, the horse can become uncomfortable. The withers and neck of the horse should fit comfortably within the gullet of the saddle, without being pinched or pulled. If the saddle is too wide, pressure can be exerted on these sensitive areas, causing discomfort and even pain.

If a horse cannot adjust to a saddle that is too wide, it may try to move away from it, worsening balance and coordination issues. A properly fitted saddle should fit snugly but not tightly, allowing for some room to move while still providing stability.

How much wider Should your saddle be than your sit bones?

Too wide a saddle can cause discomfort and even pain in the lower back. Saddles should be positioned at or just below the sit bones – not wider. A saddle that’s too wide can push your hips forward, placing pressure on your spine. This can lead to lower back pain, numbness or tingling, and difficulty breathing.

Final thought

In conclusion, the best extra wide bike seat can be a great investment for those who are looking for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. It can help to reduce pain and discomfort in the pelvic region and make the cycling experience more pleasurable. Before making a purchase, be sure to measure your seat tube width and compare it to the dimensions of the bike seat to ensure a perfect fit.

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